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WA Flanaganboul Manganese Resource Update

WA Flanaganboul Manganese Resource Update


WA Flanaganboul Manganese Resource Update

BLACK Canyon's Flanagan Bore mineral rights in the Pilbara Manganese Mine Province of Western Australia have reached 100 million tons.

After drilling in recent months, the project has an estimated ore resource of 104 million tons, with a manganese grade of 10.5% and a metal volume of 11 million tons.

Among them, the recently discovered FB3 deposit has an estimated ore resource of 67 million tons, and the LR1 deposit has an increase of 14%.

Compared with the 15 million tons of ore at the FB1 deposit with a grade of 11.3%, this resource has increased by 89 million tons.

Encouragingly, the company has delineated shallowly buried but high-grade resources in two deposits, with ore resources reaching 33 million tons with a grade of 12.8%.

What's more, "excellent ore body continuity" was confirmed between drill holes.

After having the above-mentioned good resources, the company will carry out a general study and promote the project development.

Metallurgical test work will continue and preliminary results will be announced next month.

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