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Gold flotation process

Gold flotation process


In the research and application of new agents, modified agents are the most prominent, such as modified thioamino acid salts, dithiophosphates, monothiophosphates, thiourea, etc. There are also many new reagents that are suitable for gold and silver flotation. According to rough statistics, apart from several commonly used reagents, there are about 50 new reagents related to the flotation of gold and silver. These medicaments either have good collecting properties for gold and silver, or selectively collect, activate or inhibit the sulfide minerals co-existing with gold and silver.

Due to the pollution of organic matter in nature, the surface of natural gold is usually hydrophobic. Therefore, its floatability, especially the floatability of fine-grained gold, is an extremely unfavorable factor for reselection. Uncontaminated gold particles of appropriate size can float well only with foaming agent. Xanthate is usually used as a collector for gold flotation, and is often used in combination with other collectors (accelerators) to improve gold recovery. Sulfide ions activate gold flotation, while iron ions inhibit gold flotation. In practice, amines are also used to recover gold.

Alkoxy or phenoxyalkylthiocarbamate and thiourea, dihydrocarbyl or diaryl monothiophosphate and monothiocarbamate, mili and aminosiaphene can increase the gold content of pyrite The selectivity of gold flotation. Monothiophosphorous acid can selectively float gold from alkali metal sulfide ore.

When selecting monomer gold, the length and stability of the foaming agent are very important. Most gold beneficiaries tend to use a mixture of polyglycol ether foaming agents and other foaming agents. When the selectivity or treatment of copper-gold ore (the concentrate is sold to smelters) is required, weaker foaming agents such as MIBC are often used.

In recent years, the gold flotation process has gradually diversified to meet the needs of ore properties. At present, the tests and uses include phase grinding and flotation, silt separation, optimal enrichment, branch series flow and asynchronous mixed flotation. In order to harvest some gold-bearing minerals with good floatability early and quickly, the priority enrichment operation that can float part of the qualified concentrate is used in the front part of the roughing, which is mostly used in old concentrators; the stage grinding and flotation process is correct The symbiosis of useful components or the distribution of ore with uneven particle size is a mature and effective process.

The asynchronous mixed flotation process is similar in principle to the equal flotation process. It is based on the mixed flotation step by step in the order of easy flotation and difficult flotation when one or several minerals in polymetallic ore have two parts: easy to float and difficult to float. .

Other chemical like PAX Potassium Amyl Xanthate is very effective to improve mining recovery. 

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