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Place and method of adding flotation reagent

Place and method of adding flotation reagent


Place and method of adding flotation reagent

  • Dosing place

The choice of place for dosing is related to the purpose and nature of the medicine.

① Usually the pH regulator is added first, which can be added to the ball mill. On the one hand, the inhibitor and collector can play a role in the pH value of the slurry, and on the other hand, it can eliminate some of the "inevitable ions that are harmful to flotation" ";

②The inhibitor should be added before the collector, usually also added to the ball mill, so that the inhibitor can interact with the fresh surface of the inhibited mineral as soon as possible;

③The activator is often added to the stirring tank, and the slurry is stirred in the tank for a period of time to promote the action of the activated mineral;

④ Collectors and foaming agents are added to the stirring tank or flotation machine, and insoluble collectors (such as cresol black medicine, baiyao, kerosene, etc.) are often added to the grinding machine, which is to promote it Dispersion, growth and the action time of minerals.

The common order of dosing depends on the situation:

①Flotation of raw ore: pH regulator-inhibitor-collector-foaming agent;

②When flotation is inhibited: activator-collector-foaming agent.

  • Dosing method

There are generally two ways to add medicine, one is one-time addition, the other is batch addition.

① One-time addition is to add the medicine in one batch before the rough selection operation. The concentration of the added agent is high and it is convenient to add. Generally, for medicaments that are easily soluble in water, will not be taken away by foam, and are not easy to react in the slurry to fail, often use one-time dosing, such as lime, soda, etc.;

② Batch dosing is to add several batches along the rough, fine, and sweeping work line. Generally, 60%-70% of the total amount is added before flotation, and the rest is added to the appropriate place in several batches.

In the following cases, batch addition should be used:

①Pharmaceuticals that are easy to oxidize, decompose, and react and deteriorate, such as xanthate, sulfur dioxide gas, etc.;

②Pharmaceuticals that are difficult to dissolve in water and are easily carried away by foam, such as oleic acid and fatty amine collectors;

③Strict dosage requirements, such as sodium sulfide. If the local dosage is excessive, it will have an adverse effect.

The flotation plant has designed the dosing location and the amount of reagents based on the above principles, and it is not allowed to change easily during the production operation.

However, in a site with a long flotation operation line, if it encounters emergency situations such as the flotation machine's "running trough", "sinking trough", the deterioration of the quality of the concentrate, or the large amount of metal entering the tailings, it is allowed to be in an appropriate location according to the situation. Add some medicine temporarily to reduce the loss as soon as possible.

However, it is necessary to analyze the cause of the abnormality in time and make adjustments as soon as possible to make the production situation normal.

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