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New Year's Day source

New Year's Day source


New Year's Day source

New Year's Day refers to different times in different eras. In the Xia Dynasty, the Xia calendar used spring as the first month; during the Shang Dynasty, the Yin calendar used the winter December as the first month; the Zhou period used the winter November as the first month; and during the Qin Dynasty, the winter October was used as the first month. In the first month, the first day of October was New Year's Day. During the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, the first month of spring was defined as the first month, and the first day of January was called New Year's Day, which was used until the end of the Qing Dynasty.

The legend about New Year's Day is that during the time of Yao and Shun more than 4,000 years ago, during the reign of Emperor Yao, he paid attention to people's livelihood, worked diligently and benefited the people, and did many good deeds for the people, which was deeply loved by the people. But because his son had no talent and morality, it was difficult for him to become a great weapon, so Emperor Yao passed the throne to Shun, who has both morals and talents, and asked Shun to pass the throne well in the future, so that he can rest assured. Later, Shun passed on the throne to Yu, who was a man of great power in water management. Yu also did a lot of good things for the people.

Later, in order to commemorate these three monarchs, people took the day when Emperor Shun sacrificed the heaven and earth and Emperor Yao as the beginning of the year.

New Year's Day Customs

New Year's Day is the beginning of the new year, and is also called the "new calendar year" or the "solar calendar year". New Year's Day is also called the ternary "Yuan of the year, Yuan of the month, and Yuan of time". And the customs of New Year's Day have been passed down.

As early as the Republic of China government, it was stipulated that the government will have three days off on New Year's Day, and all government offices must hang colorful flags and hold celebrations. In addition, the school will also hold a New Year's Day fun fair, organize teachers and students to salute the national flag on New Year's Day, and then hold various game activities.

New Year's Day has gradually become a celebration of all walks of life. They hold various exhibitions and entertainment activities to celebrate on New Year's Day. Friends and relatives will also send greeting cards to each other.

Today, New Year's Day has become a fixed holiday, which is generally organized by groups, such as a New Year's Day gala, hanging slogans to celebrate New Year's Day, or holding group activities. Most of the rural villages retain the traditional Chinese celebration. Every New Year's Day, chickens and geese are killed, and after worshipping the gods of all parties, it is a family reunion meal.

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