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Msds isopropyl ethyl thionocarbamate high effective chemicals isppropyl ethyl thionocarbamate ipetc

Msds isopropyl ethyl thionocarbamate high effective chemicals isppropyl ethyl thionocarbamate ipetc
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Company introduction

    Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd, which is a High and New Technology Enterprise, located in Beijing, China, has been long term engaged in mining technology research, R&D of beneficiation reagent used in nonferrous metals ore, ferrous metal mineral ore, rare metal ore, non-metal ores and other mines, and mining technology service.
    The company's main products are divided into 2 categories: beneficiation reagent and super absorbent polymer, totally more than 60 products, with an annual output of xanthate series 32,000 tons, Ethionine ester series 4,000 tons, sodium thiophosphate dodecahdrate series 5,000 tons, foaming agent 6,000 tons and super absorbent polymer 20,000tons.

Product introduction

Isopropyl Ethyl Thionocarbamate

It is a good performance choice sulphide ore collector, the collector role of pyrite, chalcocite and sphalerite stronger activation of pyrite does not float for sorting copper, lead,. selective collector and zinc sulfie ore, can reduce the amount of pyrite suppression of lime required, with less pollution, because insouble in water, it can be added to the bal mill use is appropriate.

Active Compinent
Isopropyl Alchol(%)
Diethyl Thiourea(%)
Moisture & Volatile
Packing & Delivery


1. Plastic drum: NW 200kg/barrel, 80drum /20ft' container, 16ton. 4drum /pallet.

2. IBC drum: 1000kg/drum, 20drum / 20ft' container. 20 ton.

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Isobutyl xanthate sodium

A collector ability is applied to thr collector of copper, lead, zinc, nickel sulphide ore collector ability for sulfide ores of precious metals is strong.

Ethyl xanthate sodium

A selective good collector, widely used copper, zinc, nickel and containing pyrite flotation of gold and copper gold gold recovery there are obvious advantages to improve the rate of refractory oxide ores of copper and lead are also able to obtain satisfactory.

Isopropyl xanthate sodium

A collector of strong, selective non-ferrous metal sulfide ores better collector, widely used in copper, molybdenum, zinc sulfide flotation of auriferous iron ore flotation collectors better.

Operators can deepen their knowledge of machine operation by using this product, which helps them accumulate technical know-how and become an important role in machine operation. The application field of this product is wide. Our customers use it in apparel, furnishing decorative, automobile, medical, astronautics and military industries.
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