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Effective Carboxymethyl cellulose Sodium CMC Essential Mineral Processing Reagent

Effective Carboxymethyl cellulose Sodium CMC Essential Mineral Processing Reagent
Carboxymethyl cellulose Sodium (CMC), a powerful off-white powder that serves as a versatile and highly effective mineral processing reagent in mining operations. With a wide range of applications, CMC is the solution to enhance mineral separation, depress silicate gangue, and optimize your mining processes.Its multifaceted properties make it an invaluable asset in the mining industry, catering to a range of needs.
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Product NameCarboxymethyl cellulose Sodium (CMC)
AppearanceOff-white powder
Use/Application- Mainly used as a silicate gangue depressant.
- Used for lead depressant in the separation of copper and lead.
- Occasionally used as a sludge dispersant.

750kg ton bag in wooden boxes

Application and Usage:

One of the key applications of CMC lies in its role as a silicate gangue depressant. By effectively suppressing silicate gangue minerals, it enhances the separation of copper and lead, facilitating a more efficient and targeted extraction process.

In addition to its role as a depressant, CMC is occasionally utilized as a sludge dispersant, further showcasing its versatility and adaptability to diverse mining requirements.

Packaging and Storage:
CMC is conveniently packaged in sturdy 750kg ton bags, secured within wooden boxes. Its robust packaging ensures easy handling and transportation, keeping your operations streamlined and efficient.

To maintain its exceptional properties, CMC should be stored in a cool, dry place. Keep the container tightly closed in a well-ventilated area, away from heat, sparks, and flames. Avoid contact with strong oxidizing reagents to ensure the longevity of the product.

CMC is formulated with a primary active component - Carboxymethyl cellulose Sodium. This potent ingredient ensures the efficacy and reliability of CMC as a mineral processing reagent.

Safety and Handling:
At our utmost concern for safety, we strongly recommend wearing appropriate protective clothing and safety gloves when handling CMC. Avoid inhalation, and in case of contact with eyes, skin, or clothing, rinse thoroughly with water.

To prevent dust formation, mechanical exhaust is necessary during handling. CMC should be kept away from ignition sources, heat, and flames to minimize any potential hazards. Moreover, avoid using CMC in conjunction with strong oxidizing agents.

After handling, it is essential to wash hands and face thoroughly. To ensure a safe working environment, smoking is strictly prohibited at the site of application.

With CMC, you can rest assured that your mineral processing operations are in good hands. As a reliable, efficient, and versatile reagent, CMC is your partner for elevating mining productivity and driving optimal results.

Unlock the true potential of your mining operations with CMC! Embrace innovation, efficiency, and safety - order your supply of Carboxymethyl cellulose Sodium today and take your mining endeavors to new heights!

Company profile
Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd,is a professional metal mine beneficiation solution provider, with world-leading solutions for refractory beneficiation. Over the years, we have accumulated rich successful experience in the fields of copper, molybdenum, gold, silver, lead, zinc, nickel, magnesium, scheelite and other metal mines, rare metal mines such as cobalt, palladium, bismuth and other non-metal mines such as fluorite and phosphorus. And can provide customized beneficiation solutions according to the customer's ore properties and production conditions, including the most advanced beneficiation methods, the most efficient beneficiation reagents, to ensure maximum benefits for customers.

Our company's products mainly include:
High-efficiency frother, its using effect is better than common frother such as terpineol oil, MIBC, etc;
High-efficiency collector, which can improve the metal recovery rate to a greater extent than traditional collectors;
The pioneering depressant is a powerful tool for solving complex refractory beneficiation of high talc, high carbon and high fine mud/ clay. The special copper depressant provides a better solution for beneficiation operations such as copper and molybdenum separation;
High-efficiency activators and regulators are also the cornerstone of our company to improve the beneficiation index;
Comparing with the world's top brands, our flocculent has better cost performance and richer experience in mining applications.

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