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The price of flotation reagent xanthate collector has risen

The price of flotation reagent xanthate collector has risen


Due to rising raw material prices, the price of flotation reagent xanthate collector used in mines has risen.

Xanthate has been used in the flotation of nonferrous metal ores since 1926, which has greatly promoted the development of flotation industry. Up to now, xanthate is still the leading product of nonferrous metal flotation collectors in the world. Although the production technology and application of xanthate are very mature, some people are still engaged in the synthesis of new xanthate in recent years, In order to meet the flotation needs of various minerals, some people in foreign countries used the alcohol fraction of C - to synthesize mixed xanthate. In China, amine alcohol xanthate was synthesized in the 1980s. In the early 1990s, Y89 series xanthate products were jointly developed by Guangzhou nonferrous Design Institute and Zhuzhou mineral processing pharmaceutical plant. After these reagents were applied in mineral processing, the mineral processing indexes were obviously improved. It is believed that with the continuous progress of technology, the mineral processing indexes will be improved, More xanthates with different mineral properties will be developed.

In addition to flotation reagent, xanthate has other extensive uses, such as vulcanization accelerator in rubber industry, potassium ethyl xanthate as precipitant and colorimetric reagent for copper, nickel and other metal ions in analytical chemistry, xanthate as reagent for precipitation of cobalt and nickel from solution in metallurgical industry, cellulose sodium xanthate is used to make man-made fiber, etc.

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