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One copper molybdenum separation test

One copper molybdenum separation test



    Technological difficulty: molybdenum entrainment in copper concentrate, during copper molybdenum separation test, because of high copper low molybdenum and talc and other clay minerals entrainment, result in copper and molybdenum separation effect is poor, no molybdenum concentrate products. 

    Solution: (1) by cooperatively using adsorption stripping agent and flocculation depressant, effectively inhibit talc, mica and other easy-floating gangue;

                   (2) in the technology, make concentration and select discharge of a tailing, discharge the gangue minerals which are activated in the roughing process as soon as possible, to avoid the disrupting the flotation process; middlings centralized return, restrain and throw away as earlier as possible, let the gangue minerals discharged to the tailing. 

    Result: The copper-molybdenum mixed concentrate contains 35.62% Cu and 1.14% Mo. Through the closed circuit test, it can be obtained the index that the molybdenum concentrate contains 51.02% Mo, 0.43% Cu, and the recovery rate of molybdenum 90.34%; the copper concentrate contains Cu36.35%,  Mo 0.11% and copper recovery rate of 99.976%.

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