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Leaching Reagent YX500 For Gold Mine

Leaching Reagent YX500 For Gold Mine



Product name: Leaching reagent YX500

Appearance: Off-white powder;

Using method: It can be used after being fully dissolved in water at room temperature;

Dosage: The dosage can refer to the dosage of sodium cyanide, and it is recommended to conduct a beneficiation test and refer to its optimal conditions;

Corresponding to the ore, PH 10-12, the dosage is 0.5-7 kg/ton,the concentration is 0.3-0.8‰;

Use/Application: YX500 is a new type of leaching reagent, which is a series of high-tech products that can completely replace cyanide and achieve efficient leaching.

YX500 is suitable for a variety of gold-containing ore and materials and related leaching processes, mainly including: gold, silver oxide ore, primary ore, cyanide tailings, gold concentrate, roasting slag, anode mud, etc. Leaching, pool leaching, charcoal pulp, stirring leaching and other leaching processes.



Bag, wooden box;


Store in a dry and well-ventilated place away from heat and sunlight after the principle “first in/first out”.

Avoid freezing;

Store in plastic drums or coated steel drums.


YX500: Not a hazardous substance or mixture.

Leaching reagent YX500 is manufactured under carefully controlled conditions. However, to varying degrees they can be considered harmful and therefore before handling this product always carefully read and understand the MSDS for this product.

This Leaching reagent causes irritation to eyes and skin. Safe handling includes the use of safety glasses, natural rubber gloves and protective clothing.


The majority of the YX500 is tied up with the concentrate and is destroyed in the subsequent processing operations. The remainder is transferred to the tailings . Release into the water systems should be avoided.


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