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High efficiency scheelite collector SW01

High efficiency scheelite collector SW01


Scheelite is usually produced in contact metasomatic skarn, high-temperature hydrothermal veins, and frit. In a few cases, it can also develop in granite pegmatite. The formation temperature is between 200 and 500°C, and the pressure is between 200 and 1500 bar. Generally speaking, high-temperature scheelite is mostly found in skarn deposits, but this type of deposit also has a slightly higher formation temperature At 200 degrees scheelite, the former appears in the skarn formed in the dry skarn stage, and the latter corresponds to the later quartz sulfide stage. Typical mineral assemblages include cassiterite, wolframite, topaz, fluorite, apatite, tourmaline, quartz, mayonnaise-garnet, diopside, fushanite, and tremolite.

Scheelite is usually associated with tin, molybdenum, and bismuth in magmatic hydrothermal deposits such as porphyry, skarn, frit and quartz vein types.

Scheelite deposits are often accompanied by sulfide ore, of which molybdenite is particularly common. In the beneficiation method of scheelite, sulfide ore is generally floated first, followed by floatation of scheelite. The flotation of scheelite is carried out in alkaline medium, and the pH of the pulp is adjusted to 9-10.5 with sodium carbonate and sodium hydroxide. Commonly used inhibitors are water glass, white bird bark juice, tannins and various phosphates. . Commonly used collectors are oleic acid, sodium oleate, tall oil, oxidized paraffin soap, etc. These collectors all have foaming properties, and generally no foaming agent is added. Scheelite has good floatability. There are many calcium-containing gangue minerals with similar properties in the ore, such as calcite, fluorite, apatite, etc., which complicate the flotation process. In order to improve the selectivity of the flotation process, adding polyvalent metal salts (such as ferrous sulfate) to the water glass can significantly improve the flotation effect of scheelite.

Our SW01 can replace oleic acid, and it has been tested in Australian mines with good results.

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