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Gold Immersion Agent To Completely Replace Cyanide --YX500

Gold Immersion Agent To Completely Replace Cyanide --YX500


This product is a new type of leaching reagent independently developed by our company. It is a series of high-tech products that can completely replace cyanide and achieve efficient leaching of gold. The gold leaching agent is suitable for a

variety of gold-containing ore and materials and related leaching processes, mainly including: gold, silver oxide ore, primary ore, cyanide tailings, gold concentrate, roasting slag, anode mud, etc. Leaching, pool leaching, charcoal pulp, stirring

leaching and other leaching processes. 

YXCO advantage:

(1) Low toxicity.

(2) Substitute (replace cyanide) process is simple.

(3) Gold leaching index can reach cyanide leaching level.

(4) Wide application range.

(5) Gold immersion performance is better than similar products.

(6) Equipped with special environmentally friendly treatment chemicals, leaching tailings is not a hazardous waste.

(7) Low comprehensive cost.


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