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Flotation reagent YX821

Flotation reagent YX821


YX821 is intended to be used as a collector for mineral flotation, preferably for flotation of silicates and quarts from iron ores.

YX821 consist of aliphatic ether diamine, partially neutralized by acetic acid.

Typical Data

Chemical and Physical Data

Typical Values


liquid at 20°C


918 kg/m3 at 20°C

Flash point

> 100°C

Pour point

< -15°C


420 mPa.s at 20°C


1000 mPa.s at 10°C

Typical data are based on our own measurements or derived from the literature. They do not constitute part of the delivery specification.


YX821 is not soluble but readily dispersible in water and is compatible with cationic or nonionic flotation agents and commonly used modifying agents.


YX821 is chemically stable in normal beneficiation conditions.

Use of product 

In plant scale it is often preferred to add the product as such. Sometimes, and especially in laboratory testing, a 5% solution in water is recommended. 

Preparation: mix 95 parts (by weight) water with 5 parts YX821 at temperature min 10°C with good agitation. Agitation continues until a homogeneous solution is obtained. It is recommended to continue agitation to ensure homogeneity.


Handling and Storage

YX821 should be stored in closed containers at temperature below 40°C.

YX821 is not corrosive against iron and steel. Zinc, copper and their alloys as well as polyethylene, PVC and most types of rubber must not be used as they will either react with the product or will be dissolved.


Health and Safety

For health and safety information, see separate leaflet.

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