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Development of Molybdenum Concentrate Industry

Development of Molybdenum Concentrate Industry



The primary consumption of molybdenum metal is mainly used in steel, and the secondary consumption is mainly used in the fields of energy, infrastructure, transportation, aerospace and military industry, and has broad application space in emerging fields such as nuclear energy, photovoltaics, LCD, sensors, and military materials, so it is called As "Metals Representing the Future".

Industry market size

Molybdenum ore is crushed, ground and floated to produce molybdenum concentrate. The main component of molybdenum concentrate is molybdenum disulfide, which is used to produce molybdenum oxide. Molybdenum concentrate generally contains 45%-51% of molybdenum.

China's molybdenum resources rank second in the world. Molybdenum is widely used in China's military, energy, chemical, electronics, electronic computers, biomedicine, agriculture and other fields. According to statistics, China's apparent consumption of molybdenum concentrate is 310,000 tons in 2020, and China's apparent consumption of molybdenum concentrate is 114,000 tons from January to May 2021.

Industry development prospects

1. The global supply and demand of molybdenum are stable, which is conducive to the development of the industry

Since the global financial crisis, in the international market, due to the impact of the financial crisis on bank credit and credit ratings, it is still in a slow recovery stage. The start-up and expansion of molybdenum mines are unstable, and the supply will not increase significantly. At the same time, China's implementation of stricter industrial policies will also effectively slow down the growth rate of domestic molybdenum supply. Therefore, it is unlikely that the global molybdenum industry will cause a downturn due to the substantial increase in supply in the future, and supply and demand tend to be in overall balance, which is conducive to the healthy development of the molybdenum industry.

2. The continuous development of the steel industry will continue to drive the demand for molybdenum

China's steel industry is undergoing structural adjustments and will develop towards high-performance and high-value-added stainless steel, special steel and other alloy steels. At the same time, the acceleration of China’s industrialization and urbanization, as well as other emerging countries such as India, Brazil, and the Middle East, will continue to maintain rapid growth in steel production, which will further increase the demand for molybdenum.

3. Significant growth in demand for molybdenum in emerging markets

As an "energy metal", the demand for molybdenum in the petroleum sector will increase significantly; the development of the aerospace industry will also increase the demand for molybdenum; the application of molybdenum continues to expand, and the rapid development of the new energy industry will further promote the growth of demand for molybdenum.


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